Big Things Happen in Muncie

So there’s always an excited feeling before a show but tonight is a whole other level.  Not only do we get to rock out with good friends but we get to rock out with new ones!  The venue is the always eventful Be Here Now! in the heart of Ball State’s village in Muncie.  Starting off the night is […]

Some Strings Attached

So, we got this Electromuse lap steel. It’s from the 40’s or 50’s. And it works. BUT… the guy at Sam Ash suggested a set of D’Addario phosphor bronze resonant something or others and .16 weight. The trouble is, the tuning pegs are made out of something like clay. They crumble on my hands when […]

Behind the Song: Moonsville Backwoods Stomp/Just a Man

“Moonsville Backwoods Stomp,” and “Just A Man” I was walking down the road when a man pulled up beside me He said, “Son where are you going? You look lost.” I said, “I’m headed down to Nashvile, I’m playing at the hall.  If I could have a ride I should be there by night fall.” […]

A Little Help from Our Friends

In the world of social media and smart phones, the image has never been so prominent.  Whether it be the color of a photo, the organization of a spread sheet, or the size of your characters, the imagery is what captures and maintains the audience’s attention online.  We are lucky enough to have the help […]

Letting the Cables Sleep

Muncie was a blast on Saturday. Thank God for whiskey because Folly Moon was freezing. But we played well, and James and the Drifters killed it afterwards. Congrats to the new drummer on his first show with the band. We don’t do much (any) of the “ooooo ooooo ba da da” stuff, but that show […]

Muncie, Here We Come

We’re headed to Muncie twice in February! Our first show is Saturday, February second at an awesome new bar and restaurant called Folly Moon, where some of the folks from the old Doc’s congregate.  It’s a beautiful space, and always packed with great folks.  We’re playing as part of Muncie Music Folk Jam.  We’ll be […]